Today we released our new 2019 riding collection: The Game Change Collection – Version 1.0

After 1 1/2 years of work we are today presenting our new riding collection for 2019, The Game Changer Collection. As with our previous collection all our garments are drawn and tailored by us and this way we can present something that we are proud of. The Game Changer was born through punk and hip hop and with a mindset of ”I did it my way” and we decided that this will be a living collection that we will continue to develop so this is Version 1.0.

We wanted a riding jersey that reflects freedom, away from all the traditional thinking when it comes to mx jersey and a pair of riding pants that a parkour or free runner could wear without any problem. With influences from the American motocross and bmx scene we merged the design of a mx jersey with a basketball tank top, all in one-piece. One cool detail is that the mx jersey can be changed into a basketball tank top if you cut off the arms and collar of the jersey. This makes the jersey perfect for saving our planet by reuse and recycling. Lets face it, a problem many riders have after a hard crash is that the scratch their arms on the jersey. Now, instead of throwing the jersey away you can just cut off the arms and collar of the jersey and bam, you have an awesome basketball tank top to wear at the summer party. We also made a pair of rad stretchable motocross pants that we chose to call Stretchy, with these mx pants you can add some extra movement during your air time. To match the jersey and the pants we have also made a pair of new all black mx gloves that are based on our previous model, but now with even more strength. Check out the movie below to see the pieces in action.

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