Team - dwbtoftshit!

Silje Rubæk

Danmark Danmark | # BMX Racing

Jesper Wahlberg

Sverige Sverige | # BMX Racing

Vincent Molén

Sverige Sverige | # Bmx Racing

Penn Zerge

Sverige Sverige | # BMX Racing # BMX

Dinny Zerge

Sverige Sverige | # Bmx Racing # Bmx

Oskar Kindblom

Sverige Sverige | # Bmx Racing # Mtb

Björn Berglund

Sverige Sverige | # Creative Athlete

This is the team of dwbtoftshit!

Our team is a bunch of different individuals who have one thing in common called passion! We are going our own paths and nothing will ever stop us from doing that. Our team is not about being the best in the world, and it's definitely not just about winning and competing, even that a lot of us are doing and loving that.For us, it's all about personality, passion and style.This brand started with passion and with a mindset to never give up doing what we love even when we get older but still we want to have the youth and future with us on this fantastic trip called life. So from the beginning, we decided that for every new senior that joins the team we always have to add a youngster to the team to even up!