dwbtoftshit! is a shortening for ”don’t wanna be too old for this shit!” Our goal is to make streetwear and clothing to match up your motocross, Bmx, mtb and other action sport related lifestyle you’re into! We want you to feel like you’re one of us. Being one of us means you have taken a stand to never stop having fun and to do what you love no matter what. Maybe you love riding Bmx, motocross or Mtb bikes or just want to sit down and play your video game until your fingers hurt. Maybe you just want to put your hand on the throttle and go for it on your dirt bike? No matter what you love doing you will not be too old to keep doing it. Go live your dream and stay focused!

How It All Started

2014 the Bmx racing rider Dinny Zerge had won the Swedish championship in his class and the whole season had been good and his riding had developed in a fast and good way. Dinny decided that he wanted to do something bigger in season 2015 and ride the European Championship races. To make this dream come through he would have to find some sponsors. After a few months of emailing, meetings and phone calls, it seemed like a dead end. The big issue seemed to be the age. Tired and disappointed to not be able to find any sponsors Dinny saw a campaign where the project took help from the people to raise money. It was called “Crowdfunding” and he felt that this thing was really the right thing to do.

In a crowdfunding campaign you can make up offers that you think people will buy to help you make your idea or dream come through. Offers often starts from $1 up to how much you think some one is willing to pay to help your project goal.

The name of the crowdfunding campaign was decided right away by Dinny. He was determined that he never would give up and was determined that he wasn’t too old to do what he love, so the name came naturally: don’t wanna be too old for this shit!


To make the campaign more fun and exciting, Dinny decided to video-blog the whole campaign and also promised his contributors to continue to make videos during the races when the campaign was over, as a follow-up.

Dinny decided to to go “all in” and make crowdfunding offers that were completely out of the box.

Dinny offered people to support his dream by get their name tattooed in a heart on his arm. When the campaign had ended he had 4 hearts with names tattooed on his arm. Of cause, this is available to see in the campaign video-blog.

Another offer that also sold out was the one were he offered people to get their face printed on the back of his racing jersey!

When the campaign had ended, Dinny had collected $1,694 and he was really excited and happy. And thanks to this, he was ironically helped from other companies in addition to the crowdfunding.


Thanks to the crowdfunding campaign, Dinny reached his goal and could go and ride the European championship in Zolder, Belgium. His riding shape was good and the races went better than expected. His goal was to get to the semi-final and to the semi-final he came! Although he fell that a A-final wasn’t far away, he went back from Belgium with a smile on his lips and a dream in his pocket.


During Dinny’s dream ride and all the upcoming races during the BMX racing season in 2015, the campaign had started a buzz. People were asking questions, were curious and many people come by and told him that the recognised them self in this situation and how much they had liked the campaign and the initiative. Several of people also came up and asked if I had stickers or snapbacks to sell with the brand. This was nothing Dinny had thought about but since a lot of people wanted it he thought, just go for it. He made a few prototypes and began to sell them around the track in Sweden. Quite rapidly his mail basket and facebook messenger where filled with by people who wanted to buy a cap or beanie or have stickers. Dinny quickly decided that the best thing to do now would be to start up a business and setup up an online store. All this so it would be easier to deal with orders and questions.

After this, the brand and has grown and spread all over the world. Enthusiasts and riders from Europe to the United States are reppin’ the brand and dwbtoftshit! are so stocked to be able to do this. In addition to caps and beanies they now also have motocross clothing, motocross gloves and streetwear in among their products. They have also started up a team of ambassadors which has the goal of spread the spirit of the brand and what it stands for. The team are for the riders who never gives up their dream and are doing what they love no matter what. The team was in the beginning made for the older riders but as a compliment to this Dinny decided that for each older riders or athletes who are on the team, this must be complemented with a younger rider or athlete with the same motivation, dreams and goals. All this so the team ambassadors can exchange their experiences and perspectives with each other.

The story continues …

Here is the link to the campaign where everything started! Here you will find all the relate videos and vlogs that are mentioned in the text above:
Don’t wanna be too old for this shit! | Crowdfunding on Indiegogo

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