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Vincent Molén is joining our team!

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We are totally happy to present our new team member Vincent Molén and I want to start this presentation with a story that we will have in our hearts here at dwbtoftshit! forever!

Besides from results and hard cool tricks there are some moments in your riding and racing life that gets stuck with you for the rest of your life. One of these moments we have with Vincent during the Nordic championship in Helsinki, Finland 2016. Me, Dinny, had just rolled over the finish line in the cruiser finals and was walking up against our racing tent when I saw this kid, Vincent, standing by the fence with his bike crying. I went up to him because I thought he might need some comfort. I don’t remember the conversation, but I met his dad who told me that Vincent just won the Nordic Championship and that the tears were only pure happiness and a release due to nerves, all that training and focus he had built up to this race.

It’s hard to get this moment in to text, but for me, this was like getting a flash back from all my goals, achievements and obstacles during my younger years. I stood there for a while my whole body started to shake and my eyes turning into a river. With tears in my eyes, I walked away against our tent with a feeling that I never will forget and with a reminder of what it’s all about, passion! This story is why we think Vincent is a perfect rider in our team. No matter what result or achievement he will have during his coming season he always will have his passion with him and that is something we values more than winning races.

Aside from this story Vincents is a 13 year old bmx racing rider with great style and awesome flow and he is already doing races with his bike around the European Bmx Racing tracks. He might look harmless but out on the tracks he’s going all in, for the win. We think it’s so rad to have Vincent on board and we are looking forward to watch him progress into the higher classes of Bmx Racing.

Keep up the good work and welcome to us Vincent!

…Connect and read more of Vincent here

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