Bmx Racing

This new year started with a street session in Berget

This new year started with a street session in Berget with Johan Dewrang, Filip Svanberg and Oskar Kindbom. I have put together a cruiser for street riding since I’ve I wanna do some harder riding and don’t want to be afraid of dropping the bike in the concrete. The bike felt really smooth but a little too long for my tasted, but it did what I wanted. I pulled 180s, manuals and smaller transfers. Now when I got this bike I will ride more of this. Johan, who have supported me with 10h of PT-time had me do some curve training and some sprints. Curve training was really cool and was all about getting close and tight.

Yesterday I went to the track in Kungsbacka. 7 people were there in the cold, but the weather were beautiful. It was a fun ride and I mostly played with my technique to find out what I can do different.

No it’s time to hit the gym!

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