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My bmx racing showreel 2014 is on Next Level BMX

Just got my bmx racing showreel 2014 on Next Level BMX .

Next level is a website by E.J. Dorrian where people can go in order to see the latest and greatest BMX racing video content from around the web. Go and have a look and make sure you follow it!

Here is a piece of what he wrote in the post:

We all know how hard it can be to get a sponsor to support your racing. Dinny Zerge is in the over 30 years old age bracket and going through that struggle, but instead of complaining he’s doing something about it for himself. I’ve seen a few crowdfunding efforts in BMX, but this one is serious. For your donation of $200, you can ride with Dinny forever and get your name tattooed on his arm. He’s raised almost $1700 which is already helping him get to the first race in Belgium.

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