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Happy new year folks!

Happy new year folks!

This year has been a chill year of bmx racing. Sure I’ve been winning and my shape “off the bike” is pretty good but I still feel that my riding isn’t where I wished it to be, so that will be something I take with me into season 2015. Other than that I feel awesome! For season 2015, I got some great things to look forward to.

  • Thanks to my dwbtoftshit! project I’m going to Zolder, Belgium in April, dope! Hope I will get some more financial help to ride the rest of the races. I’m talking to companies now and will contact more in the next couple of months. I never give up… Do you have any tips or know someone which like to be interested in supporting my journey just contact me!
  • Then I have all the Swe Cup races. SM, Succe Cup, Landspokalen and so on.. Damn I’m longing for it all to start!
  • It will also be so much fun to start the video blog next year, doing races and stuff.

There is a lot more happening and it will be posted here very soon! So happy new year and thank you all for supporting and reading this blog. <3


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