Bmx Racing

30 days of crowdfunding makes you tired and exhausted :)

 This is true, but I’m so happy I did it. Honestly this campaign have made me stronger as a person how corny it may sounds.

The campaign “Don’t wanna be too old for this shit!” ended at 17% and I raised $1794, this is more than I thought I would get.
I felt that I just had to do this! Otherwise I can’t do what I’m dreaming of and I can’t take a “NO” for a answer now!  And I must say that I did good. This campaign will take me to the first race in Belgium and maybe the second one in France, I have to check the prices now when I book the flights and hotels. This is so awesome.

The funniest thing with the campaign was that 4 people actually bought tattoos with their name on my arm, crazy fun! The thing I’m disappointed about is that I didn’t manage to get as many companies as I wanted. I really, really tried… And I will continue with this now after the campaign, I got some leads and if someone of you, readers, have any tips on companies please contact!

Thank you for all the support folks, I’m so stocked to have this many great people around me!

If you want se the result and history of the project you can go to the campaign site and see it And if you missed my campaign and still want to support or claim a offer you can do it here.


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