Bmx Racing

 Stealth Elite Cruiser 24″ Carbon Fiber by SINZ

Just got a new fork, the Stealth Elite Cruiser 24″ Carbon Fiber by SINZ and it weighed in at 649grams. I really like the look of it. It doesn’t have that carbon look that I dislike and it matches my bike perfectly. This one is 200grams lighter than my Elevn Pro 24″ fork and its gonna be interesting to ride a carbon fork.

First time at the track: Right from the beginning the bike felt lighter in the front just like it supposed to another fun thing is that the bike felt much shorter, I liked it! I wasn’t sure if I would race with this on Sunday but after the practice today I’m totally sold on this fork, it fits me perfectly. I have only ridden it for 1h so I can’t really tell all the differences but it felt a lot stiffer in a really good way!

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