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One week left until European Cup 1 & 2 in Zolder and you will be able to stream it live!

After writing on Facebook about my change of plans, Filip Svanberg’s father, Lars, contacted me and offered a spot in their bus that they had rented for this race. So I will travel with them and some other riders and parents down to Zolder, will be nice not to travel by myself! We will go to a place near the track where Outi Leinonen have rented a places to stay, will be fun.

So I got what I wanted and will ride the first race of the European Cup! I’m happy, I’m nervous and I’m stocked! Today I went to a company located in Gothenburg and got my jerseys printed, I’m really satisfied with the look!

Right now I’m preparing for this race. I changed my training from strength to speed a while ago and focusing to get alot of bike time and explosive workouts. My body and legs feels great and better than in years and I have a good feeling on my bike. All though, I’ve been checking around among the competitors from last year and they are not slow, I can tell you that 🙂 I will try to just focus on my riding and to have fun and think about the race’s we had in “Kurran” in my hometown Kallinge when we were kids.

This experience is a dream come through and I’m so glad that I made this happen for myself and that I had the guts to ask you for support! Thank you, supporter, friend and family!

This event you will be able to watch and Live Stream online at Bmx Zolder. I’ll get back to you with a direct link and the exact time and race number later on. 

My start number is 156 and I will be riding in BLOC 1.
For now, I know that my races will be:
4th April, Saturday: Motos: 08:40-11:25 Finals: 14:35-
5th April, Sunday: Motos: 08:40-11:25 Finals: 14:10-

The program may change so make sure to look for changes on Bmx Zolder site here!

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