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Meet our newest team ambassador Silje Rubæk!

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After a winter filled with training and product development, we are over our head of joy to introduce our newest team ambassador, Silje Rubæk! We have been watching her riding a long time and her lifestyle and personality is a perfect match to dwbtoftshit!

Silje is a 33-year-old Danish Bmx Racing rider based in Roskilde with her two kids and husband Jesper (also an awesome rider). They are a true hardcore Bmx family, you know the ones with their bikes in the living room. When we drove down to Silje for a hangout and clothing delivery we got a pleasant welcoming. When we stepped inside her house the smell of fresh new tires & tubes hit us right in the face (this from a newly arrived box filled with Bmx stuff). If you ones have smelled this you know what we’re talking about, a better welcoming is hard to get, thank you!

Silje is racing in the 24″ cruiser class and is progressing for each year. She’s a person that puts a lot of efforts in her training and are not afraid to put in the extra laps needed to reach the goals she has set up for herself. For about 1 year ago Silje had an accident with her Bmx bike during a practice and ended up with two fractures in vertebrae 4 and 5. Luckily the fractures were stable and could get back on the bike immediately as long as she didn’t jump and of cause with a lot of pain. One week later she won the Danish Championship and two weeks after this she got a 5th place in the European Championship.

As you can read Silje has a huge passion, determination and love for her sport. When not racing she’s also involved in the Bmx training for the younger kids, including her own in Roskilde. When you meet her, she not late to give you a smile and if you watch her ride you will sometimes even see the smile under the helmet. At the Bmx Racing indoor track in Roskilde, we watched one of Siljes kids ride and singing at the same time, we can’t stop imagine if Silje also does this while training? Maybe this is why the danish riders are so awesomely successful…

Silje Rubaek Smile

This weekend Silje will travel down to Italy for a training camp at the Bmx Olympic arena in Verona! Here she will warm up, train and get ready for the first UEC European Cup in Zolder, Belgium. We are so excited to hear all about it later and wishing her a warm and great weekend.

Anywho, we are so honored that Silje wanted to join us and our team and we are looking forward to continue seeing her ride, smiling and taking holeshots around the world in the name of dwbtoftshit! Welcome to us Silje Rubæk!

You can read more about Silje Rubæk at our ambassador team page here ->

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