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Kungsbacka’s club championship

Today it was time for Kungsbacka’s club championship. My body was a little bit sore but I felt that it would be fun to enter!

At the track, it was a nice atmosphere and Ola Lindström a cruiser 40+ riders started the pep talk, he’s funny and great!

We were only 8 people in our class, mixed up 30+ and 40+. This means that we have no qualifying races, just 4 heats where everyone have to give it all in every race, extremely hard today 🙂

Heat 1, after a nice start i were 2th in the first corner and on the third straight I managed to get by Ola and do some wheelies at the same time with out doing mistakes.

Heat 2, here it was time for Ola to win, I made three big mistakes and almost flew over the handlebars. But I fought all I could and was 50 cm from a win 😉

Heat 3 I won after getting by Hans Onken who finished second in this heat. Even in this race I made big mistakes, missing my pedaling, pumping with out rhythm…

Heat 4, Here I found a gap in the first turn and past Onken and finished in 1th place, my turning skills works fine now!

So in the end after 3 wins and 1 second place I stood as the overall winner.

Winning is fun but my riding was actually beneath contempt with errors and mistakes, the only that were working was my starts and turnings, so now it’s time to practice!


Extra: Some of the elite riders entered the club championship in dresses, nice touch 😀

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