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Last of round of Swe cup

This weekend was the last of 8 rounds of Swe Cup, it’s the swedish cup for bmx and here comes a summary.

Saturday: the 7th round started good with some good heat battles with my friend Björn, but in the A final there was a fast Norwegian guy, Pål Grotnes, that where really superior so me and Björn fighted for the second place, I lost and finished third but were really stoked! I jumped one of the large doubles on the track and it felt sick, see the first video!

Sunday: the 8th round were a little bit slower I had 3 great heats all ended in second place behind the Norwegian guy. Then it would come to the A final, that was the sickest I ever road. I have had some problem with another rider, Andreas that are really blocking me all the time and in the finale I really focused on him. After a pretty good start we came up side by side in the first corner, second place, I felt that he were getting closer to my side so I tried to jump by him and managed to get a little bit a head then just before the second corner i felt him on right side so I decided to make one of his moves and turned to the right and made a block. Unfortunately I hit his tier and he crashed to the ground and Björn that were behind him smashed in to him. I managed to run away and get on the bike immediately and hold my 2th place. The good thing here is that no one got hurt but my shoes are mashed up 😉

So this was the last of 8 race days in this cup and I managed to keep the gold sign and win the cup! I’m super stocked an look forward to next years Swe Cup!

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