Bmx Racing

Everything is running smoothly now

This week i’ve just been riding, riding and working out, everything is running smoothly now practice wise.

Some thoughts have been running through my mind lately though, I’ve been thinking of my wheels and how to use them. Some say that I should use them as my race wheels for competitions and use my old ones for training and some just tell me to ride them as usual. I’ve had a hard time to decide what to do. I feel that the differences between the sets are so big that changing will affect my training a lot. Yes I could buy an extra set of the Answer wheels, that would be the best of cause, but that’s too expensive and out of budget…

Conclusion: I think that in my case when I have two wheel sets that really are different from each other, changing to the better set just on race day will affect my riding a lot because everything I’ve been working on at training will not be the same and as precise and the self esteem on the bike will be lower. So for now I will use my new wheel set both on training and on races until I can afford to buy an extra set in same standard.

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