Bmx Racing

Riding, gyming and irritating wind

This Tuesday I went to the track for a session in hard rain and irritating wind :). But it was fun trying to manual and jump in these conditions, so many failures.

Wednesday morning i went to the gym and worked my legs and back and finished this with some sauna, yes! Since last week I’ve been trying a protein, “Sun Warrior, Warrior Blend, Raw Protein, Vanilla”, that I got recommended from another bmxer and friend, Björn Berglund aka Sunday Racer, it taste nice and i hope it will make me a little bit stronger and alert.

Thursday we had training at Kungsbacka and it was awesome, this training I just focused on jumping . Once again I managed to get rid of a goal I had, I jumped a small tricky step up that I’ve honestly been afraid of for a while, so that was so nice to pull…

Today me and Fredrik Johansson went to Lerum for a session that ended in 2.5h of really fun riding including all kind of technique stuff. I managed to do one and a half really big wheelie over a large double, that made my day! I also tried a new thing, wheelie tap to jump, that was super fun to do. Its really fun and motivating to ride with a good rider as Fredrik.

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