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Specialized Speedzone Sport Wireless Computer

This year started with a lot of gym sessions, mostly legs and back but pretty much all round. I also had a some track time in wind and rain, the track in Kungsbacka is holding up really nice even though it’s January and people still showing up at practice, that is awesome.

I’ve been testing a bike computer for a while now, I bought the Specialized Speedzone Sport Wireless Computer. This one is basic and straight forward. You got Speed, Maximum Speed, Average Speed, Odometer, Trip Meter and Low Battery Indicator. The only thing I am interested in for now is the maximum speed so I can check which part of the track I achieve the highest speed and for that purpose, this one is perfect. As you see on the picture I mounted the computer on the seat tube upside down instead of on the handlebar as they say it should be, for this I had to glue on a extra bracket on the computer holder. I did this ‘cause I wanted it as hidden as possible and when I sit on the bike it’s easy to just bend down or pull upp the bike and see the numbers. The sensor that measure the speed I mounted on the seat stay (you attach a magnet to a spoke that spins by the sensor and that’s where the magic happens).

The speedzone sport wireless computer have been doing its job for me but there is one thing that irritates me a little bit, you can’t (what I have found?) zero/reset one specific thing for example Maximum Speed, I want to reset this after each lap and still remain the Trip Meter numbers so I can see how long I ride each practice. This seems to be impossible ’cause the reset is on all functions, except the Odometer and that is a little bit weird in my mind.

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