Bmx Racing

Season Twenty Thirteen #byebye

This season of bmx cruiser racing is fading out and this week has really showed it. I’m really happy about my progress this year, a year that almost made me quit bmx racing.

I haven’t said anything about this here on the blog yet but in the beginning of this year I started of riding a new black Chase 20", very close to my dream bike.


One day in March I decided to go to the track all by myself, not recommended. After a couple of laps at the track at Kungsbacka, I entered the first turn and headed towards the first jump which is a table top and jumped… After that I can’t remember what happened until I woke up next to my car laying on the ground with half my body into the driver seat. From where I’d crashed it’s almost 200meters and I have no memory from that time and how I got to the car, scary stuff. I managed to call my girlfriend and she and here sister decided to called the ambulance cause I was speaking and crying without any sense. The ambulance came and after that my memory is clear as hell even after the morphine kicked in. After this they x-rayed my body and I really thought that something in my left backside and right hand were broken but it turned out just being a crack, sprain and a large concussion, which meant two weeks in bed.  I told my self to never ride again!


…So one month later after many thoughts and lots of fear I decided to try again just to see how it would feel, do I hate it, am I to afraid and so on. Along with my girlfriend I took my bmx cruiser 24", that I bought just to enter some races that summer, to a track in Lerum for a test session. It was scary but really liberating and I pumped the track lap after lap. After this session I made some rules for my racing and rule #1 was not to jump in the near future or ever and just use speed and pumping.

Summary: This year turned out to be great, now eight months later I have learned to wheelie, won some races and even jumped some doubles in this late season.

I love bmx racing and I’m really glad we found each other again and now when It¨s time to hit the winter training and make a plan for next years races I’m really stoked about it. 


So today I took my legs for a run and some outside workout, I say good bye to season 2013 and here comes the 2014 pre-season training…

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