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Ready for the next level…

I’m now up and running! My video blog intro is done and the t-shirt contest winner has got his shirt. The design of the 6 faces on the back of my racing jersey is done and the flight tickets and hotels in Belgium are received. The three companies that bought a spot on my blog is now up and so are the supporter page. The four tattoos on my arm are now healed and today I’ve started to reach out with emails to companies around the world. If you never seen my project go to some of my earlier post, you can start here.

So far I already have a few prospects that I’ve been in contact with for some weeks and I really hope that it will turn into a good and fun deal for my journey. I can’t tell witch I’m talking with at the moment but I can say that it’s a brand that I would be happy to wear!

How hard should I push?

It’s 8 Weeks and 3 Days until I need to collect the remaining $2500 and today I’ve starting the hunt. I’ve been giving this a thought for a while, how do I make this in a way that not feel to spammy? I decided to not go the “list style-mail-road” and give each company I contact a real research so I keep up my pride of what I’m doing. If I were a company, I would be more happy with some thought behind the letters. But of course the journey, story, dream and needs will be the same in each letter. Otherwise I would have to sit here with this as a full-time job and that is not possible at the moment, I have to train and ride!

I’m ready

For the moment, I’m working my strength at the gym and I really enjoining it. My progress this year is much better than previous. All the research has paid off and my body control is almost like when I was 20! 🙂 The snow makes it hard to ride at the track in Kungsbacka but to compensate this I ride out on the streets a couple of times a week.

I’m starting to feel ready to ride this season of 2015 and I’m stoked as… I just need the final sponsorship on the front of my jersey which will help me getting to all the races this season.

So if you know anyone that could have an interest in supporting my journey, tell that person or company or send me a message about it, help me out! I would be so thankful! Do you as a company think that $2500 is too much then contact me and we can come up with a solution that fits us both!

Have a great and awesome week everyone!

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