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Health and diet with Mathias from PromoCare

Ended last week with a super great course of health and diet with Mathias from PromoCare and today I had my body checked. First he measured my body fat and muscle percent then I had a ride on a spinbike. The results were not that bad but he said that my body would feel better if I lost a few kilos 😉 So from now I’m on a more healthier diet and I’m gonna lose 8 kg in 16 weeks. As help I will be using the app Lifesum to count my calorie intake. This cleaver little app is pretty nice. I just scan the package of what I’m gonna eat and it tells me the calories per unit and then I just put the numbers in and plan my meals. I can also add my training and the calories I burn so the more I train the more I can eat, win.

Had a few track days last week but today the training was cancelled due to snow so I went to the gym instead and had a great session.

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