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Bmx Racing

Day 1: First race of the year is done and I’m really impressed

First race of the year is done and I’m really impressed with the cruiser elite scene in Denmark, they were as good as I had thought!

The day started with 3 heats where the top 4 riders would qualify to the finals. I was 4 4 3 in my heats and I was the most proud of the last heat. I jumped a double that I never thought I would do and had a good flow through the track.

In the finals I had a good start but managed to land to short on one of the doubles and  lost all speed and I was dead last. After that I tried to get back but made to many mistakes, so I finished 8th. Overall I’m satisfied and for me to progress and get up to 5th place will take a clean good lap without mistakes. We’ll see what happens tomorrow on race day 2!

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