Bmx Racing

Day 1 of Succé Cup in Norway

Right now I’m laying on my air mattress after Day 1 of Succé Cup in Norway. The race yesterday was awesome and I managed to win my three qualification heats even though I did too many mistakes in this tricky track in Moss.

In the finale, I chose to stand beside the Pål Grotnes at the gate, the favorite who always wins 🙂 My goal was to follow his track and take the 2nd place. Right after the gate dropped the guy beside me, Kjell Nordmark, turned to my side and blocked me in the starting hill. Upset and back in the field I got the 3rd spot out of the first corner and to the back of Nordmark. In second corner I found some extra speed and made a clean blockpass on him and was 2nd in to the finish line! It was the best position I could get today so I’m totally satisfied with that, but again, my technique under stress is wacko! You can see it all in the final video above.

Now I will go prepare myself for day 2 at Råde!

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