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Ahhh, this crashes sucks

This week started a little bit sad cause a friend of mine that I’ve wrote about before in the blog, Björn had a crash and hurt his elbow. Luckily it turned out to be just a fracture so he will be up and riding again soon. When I saw the picture he posted on Facebook I got chills and I decided to get Elbow Pads.

I’ve been checking out the G-Form Elbow Pad for months but honestly I’ve been to cheap to get them. So I decided to go down to our Local Bmx shop here in Gothenburg, Childstore and try them on.

They were a little bit clumsy to get on but slim as hell when in place, really light and tight so bought them. At the track today I had my first ride with them and after two hours of racing I only had to pull one of them up once! I didn’t feel that I was wearing them at all and that was what I wanted so I’m happy, this pair of Elbow Pads will stay with me for a long time now. The only negative thing though, was that while talking on the phone they were a bit tight, but that i can live with!

Read more about the tech stuff behind these Elbow Pads at G-form here.

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