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The Basketball Tank Top Mx Jersey – The Game Changer Collection


This is the first one of a kind basketball tank top mx jersey. The pattern is developed by us and are bringing the two worlds of street riding and racing together. All the fabrics are sewed together so the mx jersey and the tank top become one piece, this way it will follow all regulations with loose clothing during races. This jersey is made for sports like Bmx racing, Bmx, Motocross, Mountain bike and Mtb riding, but will off cause work in other areas too. We also have this tank top Mx Jersey available for kids and youth. So riders from the age of two will get the chance to ride like a pro!

Reduce, reuse recycle – Transform your mx jersey to a regular basketball tank top

We are also trying to do our best to find ways and solutions to save our world. And with our pattern and design we have a really cool way to do this. In our action sport life we are used to crashes and it’s in something that comes with the sports and the first thing that always breaks and gets ripped up is our arms on the jersey. This is where our new pattern and design comes in handy. When you arrive home after you crash and you look at the ripped up arm on your mx jersey, you can now just go and grab a scissor and cut the arms and neck fabric off and baaamm, you have a basketball tank top that you can use when you are street riding, going to the party or just chilling out with your friends.