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Setting goals!

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The season has just started for the snow motocross, snowboarding, skiing and all other awesome winter action sports out there. And for some others, this is the offseason, and all the gym activities are running trough our veins! Anyhow, it’s important that we keep our selfs motivated and setting up our goals for our new challenges!
One way of doing this is to go through your previous season and find what was your biggest fight or barriers. Sometimes it can be difficult to find out what this really was and here is what a list can help you. Make a list of all your races, setbacks, opportunities, weaknesses that you can be found, both large and small. Rank the list to see what was your worst day and what you should have been doing differently. What can you do to prevent this from happening again? If you find many common things that make you fail its very good cause then you will know what to put your focus on!

Later, at the training, think back on the mistakes or barriers and work against them and fight extra hard to improve it. It may sound simple but it really comes down to how much time you spend on this, it is all in the margins.

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