The in 4 life collection - Black and white stripes for BMX Racing and Motocross

The in 4 life collection

This collection was our first collection and was released in July, 2016.

From the idea to the finalizing of each product of this collection our main goal was to make a collection that would work for riding bikes, motocross and other action sports. Each garment of this collection has been tailor-made by us and with our instructions. The fabric was of cause also a big thing cause we wanted something that would work on the party as when you ride. With the in 4 life collection we released 13 product in two colors on the streetwear and action sport market witch we will show you below.

The whole idea behind the in 4 life collection was to make a collection for those who love what they do no matter what. We all know how it feels when we are doing the thing we love like ride bmx, motocross, mtb, tough viking, or what ever gets your heart pumping. You never can think of a life without this and you are in 4 life. Right away we thought it would be cool to flirt a bit with prison life and finally got by the black and white classic prison suits and so we started.

The all black undercover outfit

The black version was made as a complement to the bold black and white stripes. A neutral outfit made for those occasions when you want to melt in and fly under the radar and go undercover. We kept it simple, all black prints and fabrics.

There he comes, the guy from prison!

Over the years, there has been a lot of buzz around our collection. During the majority of the European Cup in Bmx Racing, the audience and commentators around the bmx tracks gave a lot of respons to our black and white striped bmx jersey. One of the commentators started shouting "There he comes, the guy from prison” when a riders raced by in our striped bmx jersey. We can just say thank you!

Do you, just like us, love to ride around on your motocross, bmx, mtb or any other action filled adrenaline sport? You just can’t stop thinking about your next ride or event. Honestly, you properly can’t live without this in your life. If this feels like you then you’re one of us. The in 4 life collection is made for us who love what we do no matter what. Get striped now!