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Bmx Racing

Riding BMX racing is an incredible kick and one of the most intense action sports available. You are one with your bike. To race all the way to the finish line is one of the raddest feelings you can get. but to see someone ride with a style and passion that no one can miss is even cooler!

Bmx racing is an incredible adrenaline rush and one of the most intense action sports available. BMX racing made its debut as an Olympic games in Beijing in 2008 and its popularity has since grown and we see new stars come every year.


BMX stands for bicycle motocross and started in California in the late 1960s and came to Sweden in the 80’s.

The Bmx track starts on a hill with a gate that fits the maximum of 8 riders. When the starter pushes the button a voice start saying “OK riders, random start… Riders ready, watch the gate…” this followed by three fast beeping sounds, then the gate drops.

Then the riders ride a 300-400m long track filled with berms, jumps and rollers. The first rider over the white finish line wins.

The race starts with 3 motos were the top 4 riders will qualify to the next round. Depending on how many riders there is in the race it could either be directly top the final or there can also be quarter and semi finals.

There is no age limit to ride Bmx Racing but to race the rider must be 5 or 7 years old depending on race and country.

To ride Bmx Racing you will need a bmx bike, full face helmet, gloves and clothes that covers most parts of your body. You shall also use all the necessary protections for your back, knee, arms and shoulder, since crashing is a normal thing in Bmx Racing. Always ask the people who work at the bmx track on what you need cause this we write is just recommendations and a short info about bmx racing.

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