Björn Berglund - dwbtoftshit!

Björn is a creative athlete with a lot of talents and skills. If he ain’t rolling around on his roller skis or skateboard he might be out flying his drone or building it up again after a awesome crash. Björn is a mastermind when it comes to details and can build everything from a microscopical circuit card to a real E.T. figure. He also have a past in the bmx racing scene but some injuries have done that he had to take a step back from this. The thing we love with Björn is that he never stop doing things, he is a true inspirer!

For the moment Björn has struggled with a long sickness after “vasaloppet”. This has stopped Björn from doing any of his favourite training and sports. Meanwhile, the doctors are doing everything they can to find out what this is all about! We keep our fingers crossed that you will get well soon so we can see your next challenge, trails, ramps or whatever you decide to do. Get well soon mate!

He also works on a Swedish BMX documentary where he meet some of our Swedish in Bmx Racing.

Watch the documentary here