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Get sponsored by dwbtoftshit!

Hey! We are so happy that you are here and that you are interested in being a part of our team. At the moment we got two teams, the OFFICIAL TEAM and the root program we call The Root Team.

The Root Team is an easier way for us to see what you are going for and in the end a better chance for you to get in to the OFFICIAL TEAM. A root team member will have to purchase a start package with a great discount. The discount will get higher if the athlete shows passion, exposure and generates sales for us. You will get the opportunity to blog at our webpage and also get exposure o our social platforms as instagram, facebook and youtube… If you choose to apply and we accept you we will send all the information and contracts for you to read and sign.

Some Pro tip before you start writing
1. Be very detailed.
2. Write alot. Yes, as much as you can.
3. Please consider checking the “The Root Team” checkbox below.