Jesper Wahlberg… Propebly one of the coolest BMX kid we have here in Sweden. He got style, he got flow and he doesn’t seems to fear anything. At the age of ten he had already jump pro sections with style, confidence and control.
The first time I noticed Jesper where back 2017 at a race in Märsta. He was leading the race in the class “boys 11-12” and I remember that I asked someone, who is that, the person told me that it was Jesper. He also told me that Jeppe only was 9 years old and that they moved him up a couple of classes so that he had some more competitors. A 9 year old that won in the “boys 11-12” class… this is rad. Later at the price cermony I asked if someone could show me who he was and I then saw a small little kid shouting, laughing and joking with the older boys and I where amased buy this little guy and that he could ride so fast… I have watched him ride since then and we are really glad that we will have him on the team. Let’s go!